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We Won’t Go Back

by Patti Muldoon, Arlington Delegate to League of Women Voters National Convention
June 25, 2022

The League of Women Voters of the United States (LWVUS) is forging together to proclaim “we won’t go back!” As I write this, LWVUS is holding our biennial national convention in Denver. At the end of our first day, delegates voted nearly unanimously (837 to 4) to reaffirm a resolution on our long-standing position in support of reproductive choice. LWVUS reaffirms the rights to body autonomy and self-determination of women and those who can get pregnant, as well as rights to privacy, reproductive health, and lifestyle choice.

After that decision, delegates present in person gathered their signs and marched out of the hotel and down to Colorado’s statehouse to protest the Supreme Court’s decision. I am attending virtually but marched in spirit.

As the voting delegate representing the League of Women Voters of Arlington, I am proud to stand with this 102 year old organization actively fighting for women’s rights and for our democracy.

The League works to educate and advocate on critical issues across local, state and national levels. As was said by a few convention speakers, the fight for democracy isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon and we are long distance runners.

Here is the League’s national statement on the Court’s decision:

I urge my fellow Arlington residents to consider joining the League of Women Voters of Arlington to help support our efforts towards protecting and strengthening our democracy.